Healthcare Professionals

Change the way your patients feel about iron therapy

Two complementary iron formulations

The Ferr-Ease®* in Ferralet® 90 contains 1 rapidly absorbed and 1 slowly absorbed iron.

  • Ferrous gluconate provides immediate release. It enters the body in the ferrous state for quick dissolution and ready absorption1
  • In a complementary action, carbonyl iron undergoes prolonged solubilization and absorption that may cause less irritation to the stomach lining2

Transform the way your patients feel while taking iron supplements

Ferralet 90 was designed with tolerability in mind. Carbonyl iron has been shown to be well tolerated with gastrointestinal side effects similar to those observed with ferrous sulfate at one-tenth of the dose.2

Help patients meet your therapeutic goals

Patients are less likely to stop taking their iron if the formulation is well tolerated. Combined with the small pill size and the addition of docusate sodium to help prevent constipation, Ferralet 90 provides comfort your patients will love.

* US Patent no. 6,521,247

1 Huebers HA, Brittenham GM, Csiba E, Finch CA. Absorption of carbonyl iron. J Lab Clin Med. 1986;108(5):473-478.

2 Gordeuk VR, Brittenham GM, Hughes M, Keating LJ, Opplt JJ. High-dose carbonyl iron for iron deficiency anemia: a randomized double-blind trial. Am J Clin Nutr. 1987;46(6):1029-1034.