Overview and Formulation

Ferralet® 90 overview and formulation

Two irons complement one another

Ferralet 90 with Ferr-Ease®* contains 2 complementary irons: ferrous gluconate and carbonyl iron. This dual-iron delivery is a patented way to deliver oral iron therapy. With Ferralet 90, oral iron therapy is delivered to patients in sync with the timing of iron absorption. The ferrous gluconate enters the body in the ferrous form and is ready for immediate uptake. The carbonyl iron is gradually solubilized and absorbed by intestinal enterocytes in a gentle, prolonged manner.1

In addition to its unique iron profile, Ferralet 90 provides:

  • 120 mg ascorbic acid to enhance iron absorption2
  • 12 µg vitamin B12 to support red blood cell generation3
  • 1 mg folic acid to bolster the development of red blood cells4
  • Docusate sodium—a gentle stool softener
  • Small pill to make swallowing easier plus a pleasing vanilla scent

Plus, Ferralet 90 is lactose- and gluten-free to accommodate dietary issues.

  • * US Patent no. 6,521,247

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