Oral Iron Therapy That Delivers Comfort and Effectiveness—A Combination You Will Love

Iron deficiency anemia (IDA)

Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia in the world.1 It is particularly common in women who are in their childbearing years because of the increased amount of iron lost during menstruation and needed during pregnancy. Beyond that, however, there are many reasons why your iron level may be low. It may be that your body does not absorb iron efficiently, or perhaps you have a medical condition associated with internal bleeding, which almost always comes from the gastrointestinal tract.2 If you or someone you love has been told they are iron deficient, this information will help you understand what the condition is all about.

Iron supplements are not all the same

All iron formulations are designed to replace the iron your system loses. There are differences, however, in the safety and tolerability of different forms of iron supplements. It is important to select an iron formulated to minimize uncomfortable side effects that can often accompany oral iron therapy.

A choice that restores your body’s iron

Ferralet® 90 is a unique prescription iron therapy that works in sync with your system to make taking iron a more gentle experience. Ferralet 90 has been designed to make taking iron more pleasant for you as your iron stores are safely and gradually restored.

Many oral iron formulations are available—by prescription as well as over-the-counter. But they are not all alike in how they act in your body. What makes Ferralet 90 different? First, it contains Ferr-Ease®*, a patented, dual-iron formulation not available in any other oral iron product. Ferr-Ease® is in sync with the way the body absorbs iron, providing ferrous gluconate for immediate release and carbonyl iron for more gradual, prolonged absorption, which may result in better tolerability and fewer side effects.

Beyond dual-iron, Ferralet 90 also contains several ingredients designed to make your experience with taking iron more effective and pleasant.

* US Patent no. 6,521,247

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