About Iron

About Iron

Restoring your body's iron

Most of us need to pay attention to our diets to make sure we’re always getting enough iron because the body can only store a limited quantity. In fact, women have far less iron storage capacity than men.1 It’s important to increase the amount of iron-rich foods like meat, fish, poultry, and iron-fortified whole-grain breads we eat on a regular basis.

Beyond that, however, reversing iron deficiency usually requires several months of treatment with an oral iron formulation prescribed by your doctor. There are several formulations of iron on the market. Your doctor may prescribe Ferralet® 90 because it offers advantages that make taking iron a more pleasant experience. The key to its safety and tolerability is the way it enters your system. Carbonyl iron is in sync with your body; it’s absorbed in a gradual and prolonged manner.2

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