The Mission Pharmacal RxPORT® (RxPort), a “ New Way” to get your Ferralet 90 prescription filled in addition to your local pharmacy.

What is this program?

This is a FREE prescription service that provides valuable assistance with your insurance coverage and delivers Ferralet 90 tablets to your front door at no additional cost other than your co-pay.

How does the program work?

Your Healthcare Professional will enroll you in RxPORT to get in touch with you regarding your Ferralet 90 prescription. One of the RxPORT customer service representatives will contact your insurance company to determine the details of your coverage and co-pay. Once that happens, you will receive a telephone call in 1 to 2 days from an RxPORT representative to discuss your insurance, options for payment, and delivery. If you don’t have insurance, the RxPORT representative will discuss your options with you.

Ferralet 90 is available through the Mission Pharmacal RxPORT. You can opt-in at any time by calling our Customer Service TOLL-FREE at (877) 460-4611.